Today I threw Away Our Scales

That’s right! Today I threw our scale into the trash.

I think scales my have a place but it certainly isn’t in my home. I have spent the last few months obsessing over the number. I know it isn’t right but I still found myself hopping on the scale twice a day. Once I stepped off I was either happy or depressed.

Then yesterday I went to pick up some new pants. Why on earth I decided to go shopping for clothes this time of the month I don’t know but I did. Of course when nothing fit right I got even more upset and left the store.

I told my husband about my time in the store and he has learned I’m not expecting a reply, I just need to vent so he listened until I was done and ready to change the subject.

Bedtime came so like usual I hopped on the scale and climbed into bed. As I laid there so many thoughts ran through my mind but It finally became very real to me. It’s just a number and I have to stop this.

Our trash runs on Friday so before I could stop myself I swooped up the scale and put it in the trash. Shortly there after the truck came by and hauled it away!