The Real You

The real you is sexy, the real you is beautiful and the real you is worthy of being seen and loved! Do you know that? Do you believe that? I know it can be hard to accept in today’s society when you never know if the media you are looking at is real or photo shopped. In a society that sets unattainable standards for us to reach but none the less it is true, you are beautiful. Your beauty goes far beyond what people see, It Starts On The Inside!

When I started this blog it was to encourage people to see their true beauty, to realize that we are far more than our outward appearance and that by taking care of our mind, body and soul we will see real change and growth. With that in mind you can understand why I was so excited when I saw Aerie’s new campaign. Aerie a lingerie company, where I love to shop, recently released a new ad campaign featuring all completely real, totally unairbrushed models in an effort to challenge unrealistic supermodel standards for young women.
You’ve got to hand it to the brand for bucking the trend and honoring real beauty instead of taking a giant eraser to any itty bitty imperfection. They are proving what we have known all along, imperfections are part of life and what help make us the beautiful women we are.


The Secrets to Living a Turned on Life

Have you ever
heard of Orgasmic Meditation? Recently, I watched this online event and this
woman came on who has dedicated her life to teaching women and men about
Orgasmic Meditation. I was floored. She even did a live demonstration of
The Secrets to Living A Turned On Life  

you’ve never heard of her, the woman I’m speaking about is Nicole Daedone and
she’s the founder of a company called One Taste. Her TedX talk has been watched
more than 600,000 times and she’s been featured in Cosmo, Time, the New York
Times, and so on.

This video interview was all about
the secrets to living a turned on life.

Most of the women I
know are working hard, constantly on the go, go, go (whether it’s the job, the
kids, the relationships, etc.) and we’ve lost sight of what it feels like to be
turned on by life. This interview just might change your perspective a

Also, you will receive a sneak peek into what a live demo is like.
Holy wow. This one will blow your socks right off. You’ve never seen or experienced anything
like it.

Here are some of
the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation:
  • Increases Overall
    Vitality. It lights you up from the inside out.
  • Increases Overall
    TurnON. When you’re TurnedON, things flow.
  • Increases Energy.
    There’s a well of energy that lives inside of you.
  • Reduces
    stress & irritability.

So, go check it out. You can thank me later.