Juicing for health and meeting Joe Cross

It’s pretty hard to meet someone these days that hasn’t heard of  juicing. It seems to be the “in” thing right now and for good reason. Juicing, if done right, is a great way to pump your body full of vitamins and help build your immune system. Let’s face it if your body is starving for vitamins it can’t effectively fight off illness.

I bought a juicer about 4-5 years ago but like many it sat on a shelf and was only used a few times. Then as I began digging deeper into clean eating and trying to support my health naturally, I ran across a documentary called Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. It changed the way my husband and I felt about juicing! We continued to use the small juicer I had first bought but soon found we wanted something that was easier to use, easier to clean and would produce more juice. We went with the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite. We now juice almost everyday and have definitely seen the rewards. My face is clear, we both have more energy and even lost some weight!

I am so glad I ran across that video! I have seen my health, the health of my family and even a few friends and coworkers transformed. That’s why I was so excited when I received an e-mail from Joe stating that Texas was the next stop on his US book tour! He is hitting three cities – Dallas, Houston & Austin. I am planning to go to the Dallas event with my husband and a few friends.

DALLAS: March 18th – 7PM
Barnes & Noble
7700 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75225

If you can’t make it tune into Good Morning Texas on WFAA (ABC) earlier on March 18th at 9AM where he’ll be juicing and talking about his book!

HOUSTON: March 19th – 7PM
Barnes & Noble
River Oaks Shopping Center
2030 W. Gray Street
Houston, Texas 77019

AUSTIN: March 23rd – 11:30AM
Barnes & Noble
10000 Research Blvd., Suite 158
Austin, Texas 78759

You can find out more information on the Facebook event page.

If you are looking for some yummy and healthy juicing recipes be sure to follow my Juicing and smoothies board on Pinterets