Healthy Life Summit

 The Healthy Life Summit is a 7-day online virtual conference streaming for free from March 24-30, 2013.

There are 5 tracks: Healthy Eating, Healthy Body, Healthy Babies & 
Kids, Healthy Living, & Healthy World.

March 10-23: Pre-Order Healthy Life Summit Package for $49 (PreLaunch Promotion) 
March 24-30: Free Live Streaming of Healthy Life Summit; Download 
Package is $79 
March 31: Download Package Price Goes Up to $199 (Post-Launch)


On each day during the Summit, 5 presentations (1 from each track) will be posted on the Healthy Life Summit website. These presentations will be available for FREE, streaming for 24 hours (from 
midnight to midnight Pacific Time). At the end of the 24-hour free viewing period, that day’s interviews will 
be taken down from our site and will be replaced by the next day’s interviews.

To register for the summit, all one has to do is sign up on the Healthy Life Summit website. Upon registering, the registrant will receive an email with all of the information that  needed in order to participate in the summit.
 Throughout the summit, you will receive daily emails with instructions on how to listen to the interviews.
Once an interview is removed from our site, it will only be available for purchase as part of the Healthy Life Summit Package.
This downloadable package includes recordings of the entire 7 day 
online conference (35 interviews) and will be available in two formats:
● 35 Audio Recordings 
● 35 Video Slideshows 
Regular Price: $199
Price the Week of the Summit (March 24-30): $79 Pre-Order 
Price (through March 23): $49